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How long does hair dye last?

If you dye your hair, say with the kinda stuff you get in a box at the long does it last? I mean does it start looking dingy after a lot of washings, or do the roots show when your hair grows out? mine grows really fast so would it show in a couple of weeks??? I mean i have brown hair and i was gonna dye it black so it would be noticeable

How long does hair dye last?

if you're dying it black the color would last longer than if you were going blonde..but i would say you should go to a salon and it would last a lot longer. dying your hair damages it no matter how you do it or who does it..but it is less damaging if you get it done at a salon. my hair is brown and i usually dye it every 2-3 months because my roots grow in pretty much the same color as my hair.....and yes it starts to look worse and worse after you wash it a bunch of times. it looks great until like 3-4 weeks after you get it done, and then not so much. lol. but if youre dying it black it should be fine....since roots grow in dark brown/black they should just blend. but the color will fade after about 6-8 weeks.

How long does hair dye last?

About one month, and then you redo it.

How long does hair dye last?

Well it all depends on the type of dye you get. You have to look on the box too see how long it will last. If it says Permanant, than the chances are that it will sit in your hair for quite a while. If it says Semi-Permanant then yeah it's gonna looked washed out but not ina bad way, and if you get the one that says last 2 weeks...then yes you will be able to see the roots at the top.Hope I helped! ^-^ i know a lot about hair color. I expirement.

How long does hair dye last?

I know everyone thinks that they know a lot about hair color or they wouldn't be answering. However, you may notice that answers among so- called "experts" vary wildly, and I know I wouldn't want to trust myself to the well-meant but somewhat inaccurate advice of people I didn't even know.

That being said, I am a research freak. Before I do anything I read everything I possibly can about it, so this is coming from various agreeing sources, not just one. I also have practical experience with dyes, having been coloring my hair almost continuously for three years now. Okay... on to my answer.

If you're getting a permanent dye the box will say Level 3 or simply Permanent. And when it says permanent, it means it. The dye is not supposed to wash out, but in my experience it does fade to a certain degree (how much depends on factors I don't understand). Because it doesn't wash out, you WILL see roots. This is because you've dyed the older hair, while the new hair growing in has been hiding in your scalp and was unaffected by the procedure.

If you use a Level 2, or semipermanent dye, it will start out looking the same as a permanent, then slowly fade over a few week period, but it is not supposed to fade completely. This might be a better choice for you, because the more it fades back to your natural color, the less your roots will show. Then you could dye the whole head again once you wanted to. Semi-permanent dyes also usually don't contain ammonia, a chemical that is fairly harsh and has to be taken into consideration while using permanent dyes. The point with that is, coloring more frequently with semi-permanents may be less damaging to the hair than continually using permanent color whenever your roots start to show. There are also touch-up kits now available that are supposed to be just for the roots when you use permanent, though.

All in all, it's hard to go wrong with black. It's dark enough to stick around for a while. Longer than you might want, even. :)

How long does hair dye last?

It depends.

When I had blue hair it didn't even last for sucked.

I dyed my hair black recently, and it's been in my hair for over a month and has not faded. The highlights I put in faded a bit, but they look good.

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